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Our technology planning ensures ample capacity for our clients’ needs.

Presently installed is an IBM Z9 Enterprise server.


Our Advantages

Advantages of On-line Processing with Systronics

Systronics does the following tasks for you. These tasks are your responsibility with many systems.

  • OFAC Reporting
  • Data Match Reporting ("Dead beat parent") -- Quarterly
  • Credit Bureau Reporting – Monthly
  • ACH Items – (Send and Receive) Posted Automatically, Originations integrated
  • Statement Printing – No additional charge
  • 1098 & 1099 Printing and Reporting to the IRS at Year End
  • Day-end, Month-end, Quarter-end, and Year-end Processing
  • Share Draft Items Received Posted Automatically, Returns transmitted
  • Software Updates Automatically Made Available with No Additional Charges or Effort

Additional Advantages

  • No Maintenance or License Fees
  • No Major Expenses for Upgrade of the System – Required by many systems at about 5-Year Intervals
  • On-line Customer Service Support
  • Saves Employees time without the added tasks of many systems
  • Real Time & Batch ATM/Debit Card Transaction Posting Available
  • Voice Response – Systronics' Own Product with Current Balance Information
  • Internet Member Access – Systronics' Own Product with Current Balance Information
  • Much less disruption if a key employee leaves the Credit Union compared to many systems.
  • Toll-free Number Available for Free Call-in Support

Convenient Back-Up

  • Access to System with Laptop or Other PC Wherever Internet Is Accessible


From the beginning, our company has used IBM equipment. Presently installed is an IBM Z9 Enterprise server. The utilization of IBM’s advanced technologies, along with their consistent dependability, has allowed us to maintain an average system-up-time exceeding 99%.



Our policy is to hire only professional personnel on a selective basis to perform to the standards of quality we have established for our company. The employees of Systronics accept the responsibility necessary to maintain a high level of customer service and are uniquely qualified in data processing experience for the credit union industry.